How to choose an Electric Bicycle

4 basic ways to choose an EBike. BY:




2. Choosing by Ride Posture

†††††††††† Do you want to sit in a relaxed and upright posture? OR An even more relaxed and upright riding a Chopper bike posture? OR the aggressive lean forward on the handlebar posture? Do you want to swing your leg over either the back of the bike or over the top cross bar? OR would you prefer to simply step-thru the frame over a lower stabilizing bar? For todayís EBike buyers, these are probably the most important questions to ask.

 If you want an upright posture ride, the Urban bike EG Athens 250 2017 is that bike. This bike features a simple yet elegant Euro city bike Step-thru frame that is popular through the generations. The EG Athens 250 2017 is priced at $1199.

 If you want an even more relaxed upright riding a Chopper bike posture with your feet slightly forward like sitting on a chair, our Cruiser line EG Oahu 500EX 2017 (Menís Cruiser Frame) and our EG Maui 500EX 2017 (Step-thru Cruiser Frame) will fit you. The difference between the 2 cruisers is that a Menís frame have the cross bar, so youíd have to swing your feet over the bike frame, while the step-thru frame have no cross bar, allowing you to simply put your feet right over the low stabilizing bar on the frame. Both the EG Oahu 500EX 2017 and the EG Maui 500EX 2017 are priced at $1999.††

 If you are looking for a more aggressive ride position leaning over the handlebar type, then itís the Mountain bike (MTB). The EG Bali 500EX and the EG Milan 500EX are those bikes. The EG Bali 500EX features an dual suspension Frame to smooth out pot holes, minor trails and bumpy roads. Both these bikes also features a torque sensor at the crank allowing for those who want put more pedal force control to work. The EG Milan 500EX is built on a hardtail step-thru diamond frame for easier getting on and off the bike. Both these bikes are price at $1999

 If you are looking for an commuter with a lean over the handlebar type of posture, then itís the Hybrid Commuter EG Zurich 350ix. This EBike features a the internally geared rear hub Shimano Nexus 7 speed derailleur, which in turn allows us to encase the entire drive train in a full chain guard. This full chain guard ensure that the chains will never get dirty as well as protect the riderís clothing from the bikeís Crank Chain rings and Chains. This bike runs on a thrifty and yet powerful 36v 350w motor that will give you up to 45miles range on a single charge. The EG Zurich 350ix is priced at an affordable $1499.

 If you are looking for a bike to accommodate a lower step over/sitting height, we recommend the EG Vienna 250 2017. This bike is a folding EBike, with a kickstand seat post can be lowered beyond what the other EBikes in our lineup could. And hence accommodate riders all the way from 5í to 6í 2Ē height. Also, because it is a folding EBike, itís 42lb overall weight (including battery and all built in accessories) is 10lbs lighter and hence, more maneuverable than full size non-folding EBikes, folded or un-folded. The EG Vienna 250 is priced at $1299.


Notes on Handlebar positioning on EG EBikes:

All our EBikes, the EG Athens 250 2017, EG Oahu 500EX 2017, EG Maui 500EX 2017, EG Zurich 350ix and the EG Vienna 250 2017 comes with adjustable handlebar stem to allow for an even more comfortable handlebar position adjustments.

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