How to choose an Electric Bicycle

4 basic ways to choose an EBike. BY:




4. Choosing by Usage††

†††††††††† Do you want to Cruise around town on an EBike that is able to go up hill unassisted? Do you want to just go from Point A to Point B without learning a new language? Do you want to ride a light trail between your backyard and the public roads? Do you want to do commuting from home to work and back again? Do you want to be able to stow away and or bring along with you, your precious EBike after riding?

 To Cruise about town in luxurious and beautiful white wall tire Cruiser like you would on a Chopper, The Menís Cruiser frame EG Oahu 500EX 2017 and the Step-thru Cruiser frame EG Maui 500EX 2017 is the EBike for you. They are comfortable, pedal forwards with ample power and done with style. These smooth cruisers bears all the reliable EBike parts we built them with. They are simply the most comfortable and stylish Cruisers on the market. EG does not skimp on the parts like other manufacturers do, and then make you upgrade the reliable parts back onto the EBike to hike up pricing. Donít forget these are wolf in sheep skin EBikes that have both power to hill climb and speeds that can reach 28mph when asked to do so. Both the EG Oahu 500EX 2017 and the EG Maui 500EX 2017 are priced at $1999.

 To go from point A to point B without leaning a new language, the EG Athens 250 2017 is that no fuss Euro Step-thru City EBike for you. Built to make sure a petite <180lbs rider does not get a jolt of surprise; the smoothly programmed EG Athens 250 207 is a reliable EBike with the best bang for buck of any EBike on the market. There may be cheaper EBikes on the market, but none as well built for your money. The EG Athens 250 2017 is priced at $1199.

 To ride that light trail between your backyard and the public roads with plenty of features for your money is our dual suspension MTB EBike EG Bali 500EX and Hartail Step-thru MTB EBike EG Milan 500EX. They both feature 48v 500w motors that can reach 28mph as well as torque sensors for riders who want to augment their battery use with the control at their feet. The EG Bali 500EX and the EG Milan 500EX are both priced at $1999.

 If you do lots of commuting from home to work and back again. The EG Zurich 350ix is that ultimate commuter EBike for you. Built with internally geared Shimano Nexus 7 rear hub and a fully encased drive train with the full chain guard, as well as Kevlar lined tires for ultimate in puncture resistance, this EBike is the ultimate among commuter EBikes on the market. The full chain guard, fenders and motor ensures you arrive at your destination in great shape, no matter how youíre dressed. The EG Zurich 350ix is priced at $1499

 To be able to bring your EBike with you to stow in your apartment, RV, Yacht or the subway, the EG Vienna 250 2017 is made for these purposes. The EG Vienna 250 2017 is a light weight 42lbs folding EBike featuring an in-frame Samsung Batteries with a USB port to charge your smart device; an EBike that you could bring with you wherever you go. At the same time, itís not one of those flimsy small wheel bikes that makes riding it look weird riding it. This EBike is a last mile EBike that our customers ride through out the year confidently. This Folding EBike is so sleek, our competitors resort to using this bike as a comparison for their EBikes. They left out the fact that they could not account for the cost difference between our EG Vienna 250 2017 and their overpriced folding EBikes. The EG Vienna 250 2017 is priced at $1299.



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